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Terms and Conditions

Lease price

The published rental price is expressed in Euros and daily mean for the whole apartment for two guests. It can be added the additional charge for additional persons and / or pets and / or garage.

It includes: cleaning, electricity, gas, heating and utilities in general.
It does not include: any damage, and any other service or materials which must be paid on the spot.

Arrival of the guest / Checkin

The arrival at the facility must take place from 16.00 on the holiday start day.
The customer will be welcomed by the Directorate staff who will give you a warm welcome, he hands over the keys and show the dwelling rooms, the services and areas reserved to him. The apartments will be delivered clean and in perfect order.
In case of delay, the customer must notify by calling the numbers listed in the voucher and will not be recognized to the customer reimbursement of expenses of any kind.
On arrival, the customer must present the voucher and an identity document of all persons for which the reservation was made, in order to allow it to register with the relevant authorities.
And ‘forbidden to stay in the home in a number of persons greater than the maximum allowed, except for children up to three years, provided that the tourist has the cot with its bedding or it prior request from the moment of booking.

Departure / Checkout

Clients must vacate the premises by 09.00 am of the day of the apartments in order to allow you to reorder the house before the arrival of new tourists. The customer is in any case responsible for any damage caused to the house.
In case of early departure, the customer will still be required to pay for the entire period and initially agreed services, if different, and there have been no subsequent pacts, so even for part of the stay not enjoyed for reasons not attributable to the operator. Under Article. 1587 cc the guest has to take over the house and observe the diligence of a good father in the use them for use determined in the contract.

Booking and payment

Reservations can be requested via the online form on the Web, by phone or by email. The receipt of the booking confirmation the client must pay a deposit according to the method of payment envisaged and will provide the credit card details to guarantee the total amount of stay. In the absence of payment or guarantees required by the specified deadline, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
The balance must be paid before the start of the lease at the time of checkin or, if otherwise stated, the extent requested.
For reservations and payments also it applies what has already been described in the Illustrative of the offer, which must be considered an integral part of this Regulation.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in the cancellation of the reservation. Any money paid will be refunded with the deduction of the reservation fee, as described in Section CANCELLATIONS.


The voucher (or booking email) will be issued to the reservation and it will also specify the address for how to reach and any useful contact details. The voucher is only valid for the name to which it refers. The substitution of persons during the period of stay is not permitted, unless previously agreed.

Respect of the Services according to classification

They will be secured all the appropriate services or exceeding the classification of the structure.

Cancellation / Reservation Cancellation

In the event that for any reason a customer were to cancel the booking, the following rules apply:
Cancellations / Cancellations pevenuti within the terms indicated in the voucher (or email reservation): no penalty and the Customer is not applied will be entitled to a refund of any amount paid net of booking expenses.
Cancellations / Cancellations pevenuti after the terms indicated in the voucher (or email reservations): a penalty is applied to the customer. In the event that has been requested in advance, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid. For stays booked by Credit Card Guarantee, you will be made a charge on the card provided at the time of booking for an amount up to the total amount of your stay including any services ordered.

Change bookings

For modification of reservations requests already made, involving the change of the holiday period and / or the property management will try to come to settlement amicably and by mutual agreement, and in any case in the availability of housing and comprehensive limits our discretion. If unable to change, the request will be considered canceled and regulated by the cancellation conditions above.

Supervening unavailability housing

Should they occur reasons that prevented to provide customers of the accommodation booked, the management reserves the right to assign another similar property or exceed the same price, or in some cases to cancel the reservation and refund the customer any amount paid without the latter can make further claims to any title. The acceptance of resettlement extinguishes any right to any refunds or solicitations of any kind.

The owner reserves the right of entry to the property to carry out essential maintenance.

Refusal or removal by the customer

It will be refused access to any client in the following cases:
inconsistency of data between client and Voucher
missing documents
Non-payment of the balance or deposit.
In the event that during the stay occur any substitution of person, you may be required for the immediate removal.
The customer may be removed although during the stay behaves in a manner contrary to the most elementary rules of civil education.
The immediate removal will result in the loss by the client money paid, without prejudice to further damages.


For any claim, the customer must get in touch using the contact details at its disposal, with the managers of the structure that will work quickly to solve every problem.
Any claims for facts or events, such as to cause significant harm or otherwise prompt the customer to claim compensation for the damage must be notified in writing by the appropriate forms, available at the property, and delivered one of his representatives . Will not be accepted in any way forwarded complaints after departure and not previously reported in writing.
In case of complaint the customer is obliged to give to the Management the time needed to resolve the problem.
In the absence of complaints communication made in the forms mentioned above, customers who leave the house before the date forfeit their rights for a refund of the rental price and will not under any circumstances be reimbursed the hotel expenses and other any costs incurred.
The manager is not in any way responsible for any accidents, theft, damage to persons or things just because they occurred inside the property.

Additional terms

The act of booking and / or the act of the customer input unit rented involves all legal purposes the acceptance of these General Terms and conditions. The operator is required to protect its interest in the Italian law, to give a preview to the client the present conditions on confirmation of booking and / or by publication of the same. The person making the reservation, accepting therefore the present conditions, will be payable with the Voucher and will be held responsible for the lease.


For any legal dispute will be referred exclusively to the competent Court where the judge of the place where the property is placed ex art.21 Civil Procedure. The contract will be governed by Italian law.